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As a name, "SilentKPhoto" resulted from the casual suggestion in passing by a business acquaintance...he always had difficulty with the pronunciation of my last name (the "K" is silent). So he created this  meme to remind himself, and it was simple enough for me to add "Photo" to his nickname for me, and thus, my website also found its name. I'm otherwise gainfully employed and spend my free time pursuing my passion as an amateur photographer with an interest in travel, wildlife, nature and culture, and numerous other subjects that attract my attention.

As for equipment, my dad gave me an Olympus OM-1 when I was a kid - a completely manual, compact, and durable camera. But it was tough to focus on moving animals, particularly birds in flight. So with a transition to Nikon 20 years ago, I've worked my way through the evolution of numerous DSLR bodies. And who knows, Mirrorless may be the next progression. I love my Apple Mac and use Lightroom/Photoshop for editing.

Thanks for taking a look at my images, and we'll see what I find around the next corner.

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